Roland JV-2080 Battery Replacement


The Roland JV-2080 uses a CR2032 Coin Cell battery to keep all the User Presets and Custom Settings stored in memory.

Eventually the original battery installed at the factory will run down. When this happens the JV-2080 will display a “Low Battery” message. It may also display “User Memory Damaged

Thankfully the battery installed in the JV-2080 is in a battery holder so replacing it does not require any soldering.

Getting at the battery is not difficult. In this guide we will be replacing the battery through the Expansion Card cover.
The battery is located on the Main PCB under the Expansion Card PCB.
Once the Expansion Card PCB is removed the battery holder is easily accessable.

You will need a Philips “Star-Head” Screwdriver to remove and replace the screws

Before continuing through this guide please consider these points:

1. When the battery is removed the User Presets and System Settings may be lost. Please backup your sounds through Midi SYSEX before continuing.

2. Remove the power lead from the mains outlet before opening the JV-2080.

3. Do not touch any of the electronic components inside the JV-2080.

4. You accept that you are doing the battery replacement at your own risk. I am not responsible for damage to your JV-2080, or any personal damage to yourself.

Opening Up

Remove the 10x Black Screws holding the Expansion Card cover in place:

Once the cover is removed the Expansion Card PCB is visible.
Remove the 8x Gold Screws keeping the PCB in place.
If you have Expansion Boards installed you may need to remove them to get access to the screws.

Once the screws are removed the Expansion Card PCB can be moved.
Lift the front edge of the PCB up and place it on the front edge of the JV-2080 top panel:

Gently pull the Expansion Card PCB out toward the front and flip it over. The 2x Ribbon Cables will slide out easily from under the top panel of the JV-2080.

Place a support under the Expansion PCB at the rear to prevent excessive strain on the 2x Ribbon Cables.

The battery holder is visible on the Left Side of the Main PCB in the photo below:

Battery Replacement

Photo 1: The battery is held in the holder by a retaining string tag.
Photo 2: To remove the battery use a Cotton Bud to press the string tab away from the battery.
Photo 3: The battery will now flip up out of the holder.
Photo 4: Now remove the battery.

Photo 1: Place the new battery in the holder as shown below.
Photo 2: Use the Cotton Bud to press the battery down into the holder.
Photo 3: Ensure the Spring Tag has clicked back into place
Photo 4: The battery is now in place.

Once the new battery is in place you can replace the Expansion Card PCB with the 8x Gold Screws.
Be careful when locating the 2x Ribbon Cables back under the top panel edge of the JV-2080

Replace the Expansion Card Cover with the 10x Black Screws:

System Reset Procedure

After the battery is replaced the JV-2080 may display the message “User Memory Damaged“.
To clear this message you need to perform a Factory Reset

To perform a Factory Reset on the JV-2080 follow this procedure:

Step 1:
Press [UTILITY] button

Step 2:
Press [F6] twice to highlight this option:
< MENU 3 >
7 Factory

Step 3:
Press [F1]
The JV-2080 will display:
This will clear all the internal memory contents
and recall factory presets.”
Press [Execute] to initialize

Step 4:
Press [F6] to execute.

If the JV-2080 says “User memory Write Protected:” “Write protect ON
Press [DEC] to switch Memory Protect OFF
Press [F6] to continue.
Press [F6] to execute.

Step 5:
The JV-2080 will say “COMPLETE
The Factory Reset is now complete.

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  1. Hi, I picked up a used JV-2080 cheap and bonus it came with some SR-JV80 cards because of the battery / memory damage warning issue.

    Just wanted to say Thank you for your Battery Change guide on the JV-2080. Your guide helped me lots I now have a working JV-2080 because of you!!!

    I also have newly discovered your Romulator for the SR-JV (on the Sector101 website) I’m just waiting for more stock and I’m looking at buying a programmer and a few cards hopefully there restocked soon!!!

    THANKS AGAIN!!! This info is Vital!!!

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