Agilent 54621A Easter Egg

Agilent 54621A
Agilent 54621A Oscilloscope

Whilst Googling for the latest firmware for the Agilent 54621A I came across this YouTube video showing an Asteroids type video game embedded in the OS.

Although the video shows the HP Agilent 54622D this game appears to be in hidden in the Agilent 54621A as well.

Accessing the game is simple – you go to save the scope’s settings and use the filename ROCK_ON. The file does not get saved – instead the scope jumps right into the game.

Game ON!

Step 1 – Press the Save/Recall button on the right of the unit front panel.
Step 2 – Press the Save button at the bottom of the screen.
Step 3 – Press the New File button at the bottom of the screen.
Step 4 – Enter the filename “ROCK_ON” as shown in the next photo:

Save file as ROCK_ON

Step 5 – The game will generate the Bitmap Graphics..

BitMap Generation

Step 6 – The Introduction Screen will be shown below:
Step 7 – Press Start to begin!

Introduction Screen

Game Screenshots:

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