Yamaha FL512M to FL1024M Upgrade

Yamaha FL512M upgraded to FL1024M

Recently I picked up a Yamaha FL512M Flash Expansion board from an eBay sale.

I bought this card primarily to upgrade it to 1GB using the 4x JS28F00A Flash ICs leftover from the Mutec FMC-05 Upgrade Project.

Unlike the Mutec board this product is a double-sided design:
FL512M Version: 512MB capacity with one side populated.
FL1024M Version: 1024MB (1GB) capacity with both sides populated.

Upgrading the card to 1024MB should be as simple as fitting the missing components to the unpopulated side.

Yamaha FL512M Photos:

Yamaha FL512M – Populated Side
Yamaha FL512M – Unpopulated Side

Bill Of Materials:
Using a photo of an original FL1024M board as a reference a Bill Of Materials was compiled:

Once the missing components were fitted the board was looking complete.
After the board was cleaned the serial number was moved to show FL1024M rather than FL512M

Extra Components Fitted: C83, R97, R98, R102, R104
Extra Components Fitted:
IC31, IC41, IC71, IC81
C33, C43, C73, C31, C32, C41, C42, C71, C72, C81, C82
R31, R41, R71, R81
RA31, RA32, RA33, RA34, RA41, RA42, RA43, RA44
RA71, RA72, RA73, RA74, RA81, RA82, RA83, RA84

Format Success!

The MOXF took a while to format the board and finally declared 1022.5MB under the hood 🙂

// END


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